Specialty and Antique

Though many vehicles’ Alternators, Starters, Generators, and DC Electric Motors are meant to last a lifetime, the wear-and-tear of environmental impacts can take a toll. If these units fail, things usually become pretty expensive. Here at Larry’s Auto Electric, Inc., we can repair your original alternators and starters to its initial functionality, so you can avoid those potential expenses.


Alternators may fail prematurely, but all hope is not lost. With our services, we can rebuild specialty and antique alternators back to its original design and functionality. Your alternator will be running as good as new when you place your trust with us.


Starters are designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle, but sometimes electrical demands can begin to take a toll. From motorcycle starters to industrial diesel applications, we can help rebuild any original, late model, or vintage unit that you have.


Old, vintage, or antique, we can rebuild your generator back to how it initially performed. We will ensure that the original build of your generator will never be compromised or taken for granted with our customized services.

DC Electric Motors

Whether it’s an antique pump motor or a vintage motor we can guarantee the look and functionality will remain the same. Our reliable services will ensure your motor will be as good as new.

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